36pcs 15x15x0.5mmThermal Conductive Silicone Pad
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36pcs 15x15x0.5mmThermal Conductive Silicone Pad

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  • Package include: 36pcs 15x15mm thermal conductive pad
  • Thermal Pad is an upgraded version of the thermal grease Paste, good thermal conductivity, Soft a little sticky, super electrical insulation.
  • it has good thermal conductivity and electrical insulation properties,good stability,wide use of temperature.
  • Double-sided thermal adhesive tape at low cost solve the problem of both good heat dissipation and strong stickness, while improving the work efficiency. Which make the heat sink and IC chip bonding, make high power LED and heat aluminum bonding, replaced with a screw fixed, to achieve the most effective thermal dissipation.
  • Easy to use: Just stick on surface of any object and tear the blue release paper, which can be tightly and firmly conglutinate on the heat source devices and heat sink to speed the heat dissipation.