Zanmax 56 Bit Magnetic Screw Driver Set
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Zanmax 56 Bit Magnetic Screw Driver Set

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  • Multi-Function Precision Screwdriver: 60 in 1 tool set driver with magnetic socket, shaft and tool-tips. Designed to service electronic devices including laptops, phones, glasses, game consoles, drone Quadcopter, Apple products, cameras and more.
  • Efficient Flexible Shaft: Equipped with a flexible shaft. Can be bent 360 degrees to work on hard-to-reach areas, great for stereo work as well as for other large electronics where the screws are not on the surface.
  • High Quality Craftsmanship: Every single tool is created for a specific function as well as made of chrome-vanadium steel, perfect tool to get the jobs done. It provides high level of quality and durability and meets all your different needs.
  • Anti-Slip Handgrip: The new handle is covered with non-slip silicone with a rotating lid which makes the bits stay tight very easily. Magnetic driver set keeps everything in its place with the included storage cases; prevent mixing up sizes and losing parts. Horizontal and vertical movements are not a problem in tool bag.