Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL Full Tower Case - White - صندوق – Store 974 | ستور ٩٧٤
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Customer Reviews

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Mohammed Taha
clean setup

Perfect case for clean setups.



Case is Good - Buying Experience not so much

This is more of a review of the store given that the case is somewhat reputable.

Case: Good case by Lian Li with lots of modularity. It allows for freedom of choices when it comes to customizability but it comes with no fans stock.

Buying experience: It was very inconvenience but I was willing to put up with it because the price is good in comparison to the online market + shipping.
-Once you order you receive a confirmation telling you to wait for their call within 48 hours for pick up. At the same time it tells you that if you don't pick up order within 48 hours it will be cancelled automatically which doesn't make sense. I never received call on the first day or second day and when I decided to call they told me "not sure case in stock" after tons of tries on their phone number which rarely gets picked up.
-I decided to go to the store anyway to avoid having the order cancelled and when I did they took a very long time to find the case which made me skeptical but I paid and picked it up anyway.
-I unboxed the case at home to realize it was actually used. Side panel was slightly (but noticeably) scratched and accessories box was missing.
-I contacted support and after a few emails back and forth they told me to bring the case back to store to have the damaged part replaced from another case since they had no stock of the same case (one day later).
-Drove back to the store and brought the case and I was assisted by a genuinely helpful employee (shoutout to Sezer) who helped me replace the damaged panel and provided the missing accessories seamlessly.

Overall the experience isn't perfect but this store can REALLY put some work to improve it and compete with the mainstream market since there aren't many options locally with the same options. Custom support and your store assistants REALLY need to improve. Selling used/display units as new isn't something you would get away with if the issue was pursued in general. Also prices for most things at the store are so hiked up so there is no incentive to buy locally when the prices online including shipping and import fees are still marginally cheaper. Give the local market a reason to support you in order to be able to expand. Majority of PC builders are knowledgeable to some extent so putting a large markup will not attract anyone who can find much more reliable alternatives easily.