White Keyboard Rest Pad with Mouse Wrist Support
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White Keyboard Rest Pad with Mouse Wrist Support

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  • ERGONOMIC USAGE OF PALM SUPPORT - helps to relax in periods of inactivity (i.e. when you are not typing or gaming), which reduces the tendency to drop your hands leading to a position of wrist extension (or dorsiflexion).
  • MEMORY FOAM HAND STAND - prevent repetitive stress injuries and carpal tunnel. KEEP AN ARM STRAIGHT from being able to bend while typing on laptop or working on computer.
  • COMFORTABLE DESK CUSHION WITH NON-SKID BASE - softens the surface by avoiding unnecessary tension and stress on the joints. ARM REST SUPPORT keep hands in neutral position for better blood circulation.
  • SOFT RESTING AND AVOID ACHES - using the pads takes pressure off the shoulders to keep the muscles from getting tight and causing neck aches.
  • NO LOGO OR COMMERCIAL BRANDING - makes mouse or keyboard padding visually clean, gentle and elegant on any table, in any environment.